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Hilfe für Malaikha

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am 14.09.2016

Wie immer wäre ich jeden dankbar, der denn Link unserer neuen Internetkampagne verbreiten kann oder eventuell selbst etwas spenden würde.

Mehr allgemeine Infos zum Projekt:

Und hier unserer neuer Ausruf:

Malaikha is an international school for blind and visually impaired children with and without multible disabilities in Southern Province in Zambia, close to Mazabuka town. We got a big support by the German embassy in 2012 by powering our hostel and classrooms with solar power. Although the system is running very well, our teacher houses, the volunteer and worker accommodations and also our kitchen are not powered yet and also the other power sources are limited. Finally, the local electricity company ZESCO has put up lines up to our school with the help of REA, the rural electrification company. For the internal wiring of the whole school we will need about 2300 Dollar, including everything from materials up to the salary for the electrician. The additional source of power will help our teachers to prepare their lessons better with having light in their houses. It will allow us to run a proper stove since now our cook still has to cook from outside on open fire to cook the meals for all the kids and workers staying at the boarding school. It will also help to run computers better in the classroom and help us to run several income generating projects properly.…/power-for-malaikha-i…/x/7969668

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